Fitness Center

Monday through Friday: 6:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am - 5:00pm

Andrea Needles - Fitness Director
Phone: (703) 957-4800 ext. 123


Class Schedule
The Fitness Center at Creighton Farms offers a wide array of classes and activities geared toward every fitness level.

6:00 am Mondays Boot Camp*
10:00 am Tuesdays Laughs & Lifts
9:30 am Tuesdays Spin Class*
5:15 pm Tuesdays Intro to Spin (30 Minutes)*
10:00 am Fridays Laughs & Lifts
9:00 am Saturdays Spin Class*

*  Please email or Post on Clubster/Facebook to confirm participation.
**Please check prior to class to ensure that it will be held

Class Descriptions

Boot Camp - 60 minutes
A HIIT (Hight Intensity Interval Training) style cardio and total body strength workout.  Designed to efficiently spike and lower your heart rate and, therefore, help you burn calories thoughout the day.

Spinning - 50 minutes
Interval-style spin class. Low impact with effective results. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Laughs & Lifts - 30 minutes 
A full-body strength training workout sure to leave no muscle "un-worked".  Perfect for those new or returning after a long break.  Personalized instruction on proper form emphasized.

Clean Eating & Weight Loss Programs
  • Do you find it harder to lose weight as you get older?
  • Do you exercise a lot, but do not see the results you are striving to obtain?
Just a few dietary changes can lead to big results in the way you look and feel. The Fitness Center at Creighton Farms provides individually customized programming at affordable prices.

Services Provided  
Initial Consultation & Request for Food Log (if necessary): Complimentary
Follow-up 30-minute Food Log and Questionnaire Consultation (with optional weigh-in, body fat testing and key body part measurements): $60
Written Food and Beverage Plan with optional accountability emails or phone calls (additional customized services provided upon request): $45
If you prefer the structure of a monthly written fitness routine, but do not want to work out with a personal trainer, there is an option for you – PT Lite!
What is PT Lite?
Each month, you meet with a personal trainer for 30 minutes to discuss your current workouts, your goals, etc. Then, the trainer writes out a workout plan for the month and will, if applicable, include all of the exercise that you do outside of the gym (i.e. running – but, the trainer might suggest you change up your running routine). Then, at the end of each 4-week period, you have a second 30-minute session to ascertain your progress and to determine your goals for the next month.

Personal Training Packages and Rates
We appreciate you trusting us to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. Before starting, we offer a complimentary 30-minute meeting to discuss your goals and injuries, if applicable.
*Sessions will carry over if you need to cancel or postpone a session.  

Single Session Rates
30 Minutes:                   $50
45 Minutes:                   $60
60 Minutes:                   $70
4 pack (1 time a week/4 weeks)
30 Minutes:                   $45/session
45 Minutes:                   $55/session
60 Minutes:                   $65/session
8 pack (2 times a week/4 weeks)
30 Minutes:                   $40/session
45 Minutes:                   $50/session
60 Minutes:                   $60/session
12 Pack (3 times a week/4 weeks)
30 Minutes:                   $35/session
45 Minutes:                   $45/session
60 Minutes:                   $55/session