The Spa at Creighton Farms

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The Spa at Creighton Farms invites you to relax and renew with luxurious, exotic and exquisite spa treatments. Our mind, body, and spirit philosophy and holistic approach to health and healing, is integrated into each spa treatment to empower you on your wellness journey. Our spa menu includes treatments that are invigorating, meditative, and blissfully relaxing.  

Massage Treatments 
Whether it’s in between your yoga,fitness routine, or golf session, a massage is the perfect complimentary therapy to help you de-stress, loosen tight muscles, increase range of motion in joints, increase circulation, and uplift your spirits.

Escape from the daily stress with this relaxing massage using light to medium pressure and long, flowing strokes to nurture your mind, body, and spirit.
50 minutes - $95.00
80 minutes - $110.00
Deep Tissue
This massage uses fist, knuckles, and elbows as tools for deeper pressure to loosen tight areas, improve range of motion, and increase flexibility.
50 Minutes - $110.00
80 Minutes 
· $125.00


Beauty Cleanse
Personalized to individual skin condition, this cleanse nourishes as it purifies the skin.  An acupressure massage with blends of natural energetic essential oils treat and balance the skin accordingly.
50 minute treatment - $160.00

Beauty Facial
This facial provides a deep exfoliation and serum nourishment specifically attuned to your skin type and/or condition.  Antioxidant-rich and energetically potent creams and clays infused with all natural blends of essential oils amply feed and restore your skin, leaving your skin glowing with a state of being balanced.  Ageless La Cure Organic
60-minute treatment - $180.00

This natural certified organic facial provides essential hydration, the filling of wrinkles from within, lifting, firming, and toning using skincare rich in minerals and age-defying antioxidants.
60-minute treatment - $195.00

Energy of Light Facial
Energetic skincare products combined with the Biodraineur (biorhythmic drainer) and the energy of light. Since the energy of the vital organs reflect on the face, we offer this balancing facial that delivers specific serums and clays to the skin to restore your skin and state of well-being.
90-minute treatment - $225.00
ChromaLift Non-Invasive "Facelift"
Combining energetic skincare products, the energy of light and lymph drainage to stimulate fluids and eliminate impurities, this treatment lifts the skin as it contours and shapes the eyes. The light therapy delivered to the skin enhances the toning effect as it restores collagen and elasticity for firm, more radiant, and toned skin.
1 hour 40-minute treatment - $250.00
* ChromaLift Packages
Series of 5 ChromaLifts Non-invasive "Facelifts" : $ 1050.00 ($210 per treatment)
Men’s Deluxe
Men’s Deluxe is a personalized treatment for the man who wants it all. A deep cleanse purifies the skin and an energetic drainage firms and contours as the selected products hydrate, sooth, and diminish the signs of aging. Your state of wellbeing is harmonized with balancing treatment.
90-minute treatment - $ 230.00
Facial Toning
Micro-current treatment for face. This treatment stimulates microstructures at different levels: Epidermis; Dermis; Muscles; Improves Nutrition; Oxygenation and Revitalization of the tissues. For best result series of 12 treatments are recommended – two treatments a week.
90-minutes treatment - $248.00
* Facial Toning Packages
Series of 6 Facial Toning
90-minute treatment: - $1350 ($225 / treatment)
Series of 12 Facial Toning
90-minutes treatment: $2580 ($215 / treatment)
Light Therapy
Benefits - enhanced local circulation, reduced puffiness, smoothing of complexion, lessening of hyperpigmentation, rejuvenation of skin’s texture and tone, reduction in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
45-minute treatment - $120.00
Collagen Treatment
Collagen is a protein found in the skin, tissues, and bones. This treatment attempts to revitalize skin and slow the aging process by replenishing skins natural proteins by external application.
90-minute treatment  - $245.00
Back Facial
Back facial treatment involves cleansing, exfoliation, removal of impurities, and finishing with proper product. Skin is smooth free of dead cells and circulation is improved
60-minute treatment - $110.00
Lash Tint
Add color to your lashes and brighten your eyes.
30-minute - $50.00
Brow Tint
Define light or thin brows with this service that will bring color and style to your brows.
30-minute - $40.00

Spa Reservations
Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 9:00am to 6:00pm
by Appointment Only

Massage/Spa Parties/Wellness Package
Lisa Petrovic
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Aromatherapist
Phone: (703) 597-6358
Email: Spa
Vanessa Rankin
Licensed Massage Therapist
Phone: (703) 200-2655
Email: Vanessa 
Corporate Wellness Package
Michelle Johnson

Creighton Farms Events and Catering Manager

Phone: (703) 957-4817
Email: Michelle 
Helena Mlynarski

Board-Certified Esthetician
Phone: (703) 862-3557
Email: Helena  


Spa Tips and Etiquette

Prior to your spa treatment, a robe will be placed on your locker.  If you do not have a locker, a temporary locker will be assigned on the day of your treatment. Spa slippers are available upon request.  Please provide your shoe size during booking.
Health Assessment
A health assessment is performed prior to receiving a spa treatment. Please inform your spa therapist of any health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cuts, rashes, recent injuries, surgeries, if you are breastfeeding, or have allergic skin reactions to certain products.
Age Guidelines
We cater to members and their guests 18 years of age and older.
Your member account will be charged for the price of your spa service. 
To allow for complete tranquility during spa services, please silence cell phones before entering the spa treatment area. 
Check In
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your treatment.  Late arrival may shorten your treatment time. Ladies will be picked up in the women’s lounge.  Gentlemen will meet their therapist in the treatment room indicated during booking arrangements (room 1, 2, 3 or 4).
Cancellation Policy
Please inform your therapist directly if you need to cancel an appointment.  We ask that you kindly give 24 hours’ notice.
Gift Certificates
Give the gift of spa to friends and family for any occasion.  Available for purchase in the Golf Shop

To book a treatment, please email